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Starting in March 2016, Wrecked Angle Studios was created by a group of University students, consisting of a number of arts and computer software engineering majors. Throughout those early months, the team flourished, beginning work on its first title, Nova Flow. After the promising phases of development at the alpha and beta level, the team took Nova Flow to show at PAX Australia 2016 which was met with exceptional feedback. Following the success of PAX, the team moved into building the company up, with its focus entirely on the rebranding and launching of its debut title Nova Flow on Steamâ„¢ in March, 2018.

For more information on the team, you can always check out our Press-Kit.


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Meet the Team!


Take a closer look into our amazing team at Wrecked Angle Studios. They're the ones responsible for bringing our exciting games to life!
Christian Wigg

Christian Wigg

Studio Lead & Level Designer

Christian comes in as the leader of the team and is one of those annoying people always needing to work on something. At home, you'll catch him watching TV shows from the 90s or practicing his speedruns.

Travis Weightman

Travis Weightman

Technical Lead

Travis is director of all things coding. The oldest of the team, Travis brings a professional edge to the table and is ready to cull whatever needs to be.

Lachlan Juzva

Lachlan Juzva

Creative Lead

This particular Lachlan is the creative god that Wrecked Angle needs but doesn't deserve. Juzva, as he's simply known, just wants to add that extra spice...whatever that means.

Matthew Wiebenga

Matthew Wiebenga

Senior Systems Engineer

Matthew is the one who always manages to confuse people with his bizarre humour. The tech-head of the group, Matthew tinkers with things just for fun and has the knack for fixing any issues the designers create.

Lachlan Muir

Lachlan Muir

Senior Audio Engineer

Lachlan Muir, or Muir to keep things simple, is the studio's musician, and is our resident RPG buff. A leader in his own right, Muir has his finger on the pulse at all times and just loves to break things.

Contact Us

Easiest means of contact are through our social networking links seen below. Otherwise, feel free to shoot us an email, we'd love to hear from you!


Monday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm
Friday: People work on Fridays now?
Saturday - Sunday: Best not to ask.